MCMXXXIV The most Swedish dream I ever dreamt

Marie i Köpenhamn publicerade i förmiddags den här fantastiska Facebook-uppdateringen på Lenas sida:

I dreamt last night out of nowhere that you had made me a board game in which all the pawns were Dalarhästar. The game was about figuring out what kind of fika to eat at different times of the year. I think we were in Stockholm, playing the game with Tove and Sandra. At one point someone landed on the December 23rd square and incorrectly claimed a semla, and everyone protested wildly. It may have been the most Swedish dream I ever dreamt.

Eftersom Lena är i Kina och alltså inte har Facebook-tillgång (dumma Kina) är det Tove och jag som kommenterat hittills. Vi tycker idén är fantastisk och har fått veta att det i spelet ingår priser i form av riktigt fikabröd.

2 tankar om “MCMXXXIV The most Swedish dream I ever dreamt

  1. So happy and proud to have been able to contribute to this blog with my Swedish dream! 😀 We really do need to make this game happen some day. Looking forward to it!


    • I fika dream is a dream indeed! Thank you for sharing! (Why do I get the bad ones, like a few hours ago, when I was almost squeezed between two double-decker buses on a country road somewhere in Eastern Europe?)


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