CDXXX Skotska författare – och mig – emellan

Oj. Påkommen.

FitzHelen Helen FitzGerald
Hey @writerkcampbell – our twitter conversation yesterday is in a blog! We need to be careful…

writerkcampbell Karen Campbell
@FitzHelen But we’re so boring…

FitzHelen Helen FitzGerald
@writerkcampbell I am, you know. Never even killed anyone.

theomis Sandra Sporrenstrand
@FitzHelen @writerkcampbell I hope you don’t mind! It was hilarious! : )

FitzHelen Helen FitzGerald
Not at all @theomis! Just feel pressure to be more interesting on twitter now, hey @writerkcampbell?

theomis Sandra Sporrenstrand
@FitzHelen @writerkcampbell Just keep tweeting and us fans of Glaswegian writers will be happy. : )

FitzHelen Helen FitzGerald
Will do! @theomis @writerkcampbell

writerkcampbell Karen Campbell
@theomis Not at all! Flattered u thought our mad witterings were interesting! And, if my husband does axe me – there’s now plenty evidence!

Helen, Karen, if you see this: Thank you for amusing us with your mad witterings, and don’t worry, I won’t keep pasting your tweets into my blog. (I think.)


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